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The Power of Pumpkin & Turmeric

THE POWER OF PUMPKIN & TURMERIC The leaves are changing color, the morning air is cool and crisp, and pumpkin spice aromas are showing up everywhere. Fall is here! And so is our Fall Harvest Collection, packed with the power of pumpkin & turmeric, both having powerful benefits for your skin and your body. TURMERIC […]

What mask will you be wearing this month?

October is the month for spooky, funny and gory masks all in the spirit of Halloween.  But, it is also when the weather starts to change, and our skin changes right along with it.  At-home treatment face masks are an effective way to achieve results between your regular facial appointments.  Face masks can benefit your […]

stocking stuffers

The Story Behind the Stocking

The Story Behind the Stocking… This is the story behind the hand knit Christmas stocking that you see in the above photo.  My grandmother, Victoria Servello, also known as Nanny to some of her favorite fans,  was a knitter.  A. Serious. Knitter.  She knit EVERYTHING you could think of, and even a few things that […]

Epsom Salt: The Miracle Mineral Magnesium

Epsom Salt is the mineral Magnesium Sulfate. It’s name comes from a town in England where magnesium sulfate was extracted from local mineral springs. Magnesium is the second most abundant element in human cells and fourth most important positively charged ion in the body. It helps the body regulate over 325 enzymes and plays an important role […]