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What is a Serum & How to use one?

WHAT IS A SERUM AND HOW TO USE ONE? Serums are a thin-viscosity skincare product containing small molecules of highly concentrated amounts of active ingredients and vital nutrients. Think of serums as a delivery system for your skin, allowing the concentrated active molecules to penetrate deeper into the skin for optimum fast results. Serums target […]

5 Benefits of Exfoliating the Body

You know the benefits of a regular face exfoliation routine, but do you know the many health benefits of a regular body exfoliation routine? Read below to learn the top 5 Benefits of Exfoliating the Body!  5 Benefits of Exfoliating the Body Improve skin texture. Dead skin cells that build up over time trap the […]


Discover your summer skincare routine, the must-have summertime products & tips. The summer season has arrived, and the outdoor adventures have began. Enjoy each sunshine filled day to the fullest, and make sure your skin is happy, healthy and radiant, too. Discover important ways to support the health of your skin and body this summer […]